Endorsements & Testimonials

“It’s important that law enforcement be proactive, rather than just reactive, when it comes to preventing animal cruelty. Until now, law enforcement has lacked a vital tool that will help to reduce the likelihood that a person who has abused an animal will reoffend. The B.A.R.C. course fills a huge void and provides an opportunity to bring about positive and meaningful change.”

– Sharon Papa

Chief of Police, Hermosa Beach, CA; Former Assistant Chief of Police and Co-creator of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Task Force
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Having been involved in animal welfare and animal cruelty enforcement for over 40 years, I was excited to learn about the B.A.R.C. course. I believe the B.A.R.C. course will cause a paradigm shift in how the criminal justice system and animal control professionals address the mindset and beliefs that cause certain people to abuse animals and participate in cruel activities, like dogfighting and cockfighting. The B.A.R.C. course is a necessary and a valuable tool for any professional who seeks to prevent animal abuse.

– Eric Sakach

Law Enforcement Specialist; Humane Society of the United States

Addressing the reasons why many people mistreat animals is key to changing their future behavior. The B.A.R.C. course addresses those reasons. The B.A.R.C. course is an essential component of any effective rehabilitative plan in cases where someone has shown a lack of empathy for animals, or a propensity for harming them.

– Michelle Welch

Senior Assistant Attorney General, Director of the Animal Law Unit; Office of the Attorney General Commonwealth of Virginia

During my 30-plus years as a prosecutor, I reviewed and prosecuted thousands of animal cruelty cases. The majority of defendants in those cases would have greatly benefited from a program like B.A.R.C.. Educating people about the humane treatment of animals can often be much more effective, and have longer-lasting effects, than incarceration, fines, or community service.

– Robert Ferber

Prosecutor (former); Creator and Supervisor of the Animal Protection Unit, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office (retired)

B.A.R.C. fills a void that currently exists in our criminal justice system, by providing a specialized program for certain offenders. The B.A.R.C. course comprehensively addresses the relevant issues involved in animal abuse cases. This is a much needed program.

– Sherry Ramsey, Esq.

Former prosecutor; Adjunct Professor of Animal Law; Assoc. of Prosecuting Attorney's animal cruelty advisory committee member; National speaker and trainer for numerous organizations, including National District Attorney's Association, USDOJ, the FBI; and author of numerous published articles on prosecuting animal cruelty crimes