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  • Massachusetts man sentenced to probation after admitting he abandoned his tied-up dog in remote part of beach at water line:

    Fall River Reporter
    A Massachusetts man arrested by the Massachusetts State Police for animal cruelty has been sentenced. 29-year-old Elias Pacheco-Osario of Revere plead guilty to animal cruelty by custodian and one count of dog tethering/confining violation.

    According to Massachusetts State Police, Pacheco-Osario chained his dog to an exposed steel rod at the edge of a beach, with a large rock attached to the chain to prevent the dog from escaping, and then walked away, leaving the dog to the mercy of the next high tide. Read more 9

  • Woman convicted as part of notorious Horse Neglect case in Lane County violated agreement say Oregon prosecutors; leaving State despite bail conditions:

    NW Horse Report
    Oregon’s Special Animal Cruelty Prosecutor Jacob Kamins, on behalf of the Lane County District Attorney’s Office, has filed a Notice of Deferred Sentencing Agreement Termination due alleged violations of the agreement by the defendant. Raina McKenzie Ott, 23, and her mother Erica Ott, were similarly charged in connection with the notorious horse neglect case involving Gwenyth Davies that received national media attention. Read more 9

  • Councilman and Wife Accused of Animal Abuse Take Animal Cruelty Prevention Classes in Lieu of Criminal Charges:

    By Kelly Puente – Long Beach Post News
    Long Beach Councilman Roberto Uranga and his wife, Tonia, will not face criminal charges in an alleged animal abuse case after completing an online course of animal cruelty prevention classes through a program with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, an office spokesman said Wednesday. Read more 9

  • Former Pet Groomer Pleads Guilty to Animal Abuse, Receives Probation:

    By Stephanie Southey – KOMU 8
    Stout, 26, was sentenced to one year in Boone County Jail, with suspended execution of sentenced, according to a release from the Audrain County Prosecutor’s Office. She was placed on two years of supervised probation. Animal abuse is a class A misdemeanor in Missouri. Stout was originally charged with animal abuse by torture. Read more 9

  • Cypress Woman Sentenced to 120 Days in Jail, Probation for Selling Sick Puppies Through Fake Rescue Group:

    By Marissa Wenzke – KTLA News
    The Orange County District Attorneys Office announced that a woman from Cypress has been sentenced to 120 days in jail and 3 years of informal probation for running a fake animal rescue group where she sold over 100 sick puppies. As part of her sentence, she was ordered to complete B.A.R.C.’s online animal cruelty prevention course. Read more 9

  • Judging Animal Abuse:

    The Bench: California Judges Association’s Quarterly Magazine – Winter 2018
    The Bench: California Judges Association’s Quarterly Magazine – Winter 2018 
    Nationally, enforcement of anti-cruelty laws is on the rise. Each year, more and more incidents of animal abuse are being reported, investigated, and filed by prosecutors, making it likely that an animal abuse case will end up on your docket. Read more 9

  • Best Kept Secret in the Battle to End Animal Abuse:

    By Ed Boks
    I recently became reacquainted with an important program in Los Angeles. Although, this program could be useful in every community in the United States, it appears to me to be one of the best kept secrets in the battle to mitigate animal cruelty and abuse in our communities. Read more 9

  • Dog Dies in Hot Car; Judge Orders B.A.R.C. Course:

    The Salem News; Massachusetts
    Judge orders dog owner to complete the online animal cruelty course, Benchmark Animal Rehabilitative Curriculum, after he is found guilty of causing the death of his English bulldog. Read more 9

  • Rehabilitating Animal Abusers Through the Use of Technology:

    Justice Academy Journal; Law and Justice Executive Series
    B.A.R.C. Executive Director Deborah Knaan is the featured author in this article that educates the criminal justice community about what motivates some people to abuse animals, and the critical role the B.A.R.C. course plays in rehabilitating the abusers. Read more 9

  • Online Course Launched for Animal Cruelty Offenders:

    By the National Link Coalition – The Link Between Animal Abuse and Human Violence
    Learn about the launch of B.A.R.C.’s online animal cruelty prevention course and the individuals who have spearheaded this revolutionary education program. This first-of-its-kind signature curriculum was designed to create positive changes in the attitudes and actions of individuals who have mistreated animals. Read more 9

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