Benchmark Animal
Rehabilitative Curriculum (B.A.R.C.)

Online Animal Cruelty Prevention and Education Course

INSPIRING CHANGE THROUGH KNOWLEDGE:  Benchmark Animal Rehabilitative Curriculum (B.A.R.C.) is a powerful and comprehensive online course designed to inspire change in attitudes and actions toward animals in individuals who have mistreated them. Through the use of text, videos, articles, quizzes, and a final exam, B.A.R.C.’s educational and informative curriculum is intended to create a positive change in behavior by increasing students’ awareness of the value and needs of all sentient beings, and an understanding of the potential consequences of failing to meet those needs. Learn more about the court ordered online animal cruelty class, key features of the course (including the use of facial recognition technology to ensure that the person referred to take the course is the one actually taking it), student eligibility requirements, and how to make a referral.

More About The Course

Referring Agencies

Online Animal Cruelty Prevention and Education Program

Interested in referring someone to B.A.R.C.? Learn why B.A.R.C.’s rehabilitative and educational curriculum may be the ideal court ordered online animal cruelty class for your needs, how to make a referral, and what the student eligibility requirements are.

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Animal Cruelty Courses

Been referred to take the B.A.R.C. course? Find necessary information about the course, such as what is needed to enroll, how to register, and computer-related requirements for taking the course.

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About B.A.R.C.

Court Ordered Online Animal Cruelty Classes

Interested in learning more about the B.A.R.C. course? Discover what makes B.A.R.C. unique, topics covered, and the objectives of the court ordered online animal cruelty class.

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B.A.R.C. was designed by recognized experts in criminal and civil animal law and humane education.

More About The Team
  • Deborah Knaan, J.D.

    Deborah Knaan, J.D.: A Deputy District Attorney with the country’s largest prosecuting agency for almost 20 years, Ms. Knaan created and headed up the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office’s first animal cruelty prosecution program, which includes 28 specially trained prosecutors.

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What Experts Say About Our Animal Cruelty Prevention Class

"It’s important that law enforcement be proactive, rather than just reactive, when it comes to preventing animal cruelty. Until now, law enforcement has lacked a vital tool that will help to reduce the likelihood that a person who has abused an animal will reoffend. The B.A.R.C. course fills a huge void and provides an opportunity to bring about positive and meaningful change."

Sharon Papa
Chief of Police, Hermosa Beach, CA; Former Assistant Chief of Police and Co-creator of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Task Force

"During my 30-plus years as a prosecutor, I reviewed and prosecuted thousands of animal cruelty cases. The majority of defendants in those cases would have greatly benefited from a program like B.A.R.C.. Educating people about the humane treatment of animals can often be much more effective, and have longer-lasting effects, than incarceration, fines, or community service."

Robert Ferber
Prosecutor (former); Creator and Supervisor of the Animal Protection Unit, Los Angeles City Attorney's Office (retired)

Preventing animal cruelty and educating people about the humane treatment of animals.